Concert Review: Nickelback


Newsflash: More people than you think like Nickelback.

Whether out of true hatred or jumping on the bandwagon, over the last few years hating Nickelback became so common it turned into the bud of endless jokes. All the while the band continues to be one of the biggest rock bands in the world – still filling arenas and selling albums.

Nickelback’s last run saw a four band bill which limited their playing time – but they used every minute to squeeze in songs, pyro and fly across the arena on a floating stage mid-show.

The pyro, flying stage and four band bill was traded in for one opening act and a longer set by design (or perhaps accident). This allowed the band to stretch out the show not just with more songs, but banter literally between every song and several covers provoking a sense you were at a large party with a few friends playing songs.

“The first few songs is a real concert then the party starts” frontman Chad Kroeger proclaimed mid set before joking most songs were “silly rock” songs anyways.

The banter didn’t stop there. Not a song went by without Kroeger or lead guitarist Ryan Peake bantering between – about the usual rock star topics – girls, drinking¬† and partying.

Once the songs started they were on point – but it doesn’t take a genius to realize why they have found success. The lyrics aren’t deep, the guitar solos aren’t technical master piecing, but both are polished to ride the fine the between mainstream commercial success while trying to hold on to their hard rock roots.

Perhaps the hatred is misunderstanding Рif people are expecting flashy guitar solos and Freddy Mercury symbolism lyrics then the show will disappoint. But with expectations of loud, catchy songs, hilarious banter, and a party atmosphere than  it is hard to beat the show Nickelback puts on.

PopEvil opened and played a forgettable set of songs that sounded even more alike than Nickelback’s catalog. Trying to aim for the polished commercial rock like the headerliner, they fell flat with songs that were either too heavy (“Trenches”) or too mellow (“Monster You Me”).


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