Concert Preview: Fall Out Boy at Universal’s Mardi Gras


Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras may have started a few weeks ago but the highlight might just be this Saturday when Fall Out Boy performs as part the event’s concert series. Fall Out Boy is among the biggest names Universal has booked in the event’s history and we know you want to go. We gathered all the important details and some questions you might be asking yourself.

The important details:

  • Showtime: 8:30pm
  • Cost: Included with park admission, must have park admission to attend
  • Location: Universal Studios Florida¬† – at the Hollywood Bowl stage near Rip Ride Rockit (the tall red roller coaster)
  • Seating: There is none – it is general admission, first come first serve, standing room only

How early should you arrive?

The parade, which starts at 7:45pm, all but blocks entry in and out of the concert area. And when the parade passes, the crowd quickly descends on the area and within minutes the amount of people waiting doubles. What we are saying is arrive to concert area BEFORE the parade kicks off.

Fall Out Boy may just be one of, if not the biggest, names Universal has booked for Mardi Gras. Go in expecting the worst when it comes to crowds, and hope for the best. If you are dead-set on a close up spot we would recommend arriving no later than 6pm (again – to be safe).

Would songs would you expect them to play? New material? Old favorites?

They kick off their tour the night before in South Florida so no one is for sure on the set list but expect it to be heavy on their latest album American Beauty/American Psycho as well as Save Rock and Roll. For fans who have followed the band for a long time don’t expect too many old songs besides “Saturday”, “Sugar We Are Going Down”, “Dance, Dance” and maybe one or two more tops. If you are a fan due from “Take This To Your Grave” (a fantastic album by the way) you may want to brush up on the newer material.


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